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A kappa Named Cup - Sakura

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Image of A kappa Named Cup - Sakura
  • Image of A kappa Named Cup - Sakura

Sit down for a nice cuppa with your friend, a kappa named Cup. They're a little more laid back than your typical kappa. Cup likes contemplating any little thing with a hot cup of tea while the world passes by. No hurries or worries here!

Original sculpture hand sculpted, molded, and cast in SOFT VINYL by S.C. Murphy in Eagle Creek, Indiana USA.

As these are hand made one at a time there may be some variation or minuscule defects. Please keep this in mind when buying my hand made art toys. Each piece is inspected to meet my quality standards.

🌸 SAKRA COLORWAY: Monday, July 8th, 12:15 EDT

➡️ I am waiting on my new *pixie dust* stickers to arrive so these will ship when they get here. Hopefully I'll be shipping on the weekend or early next week.

Approx 2 inch tall finger-puppet style soft vinyl collectible toy